Skinny Girl Margarita Review

I enjoy a delicious margarita every now and then when I eat at certain restaurants. I have never been able to make one at home that tastes right, it’s either too strong, not enough lime juice or the salt just doesn’t stay on the rim. Besides, margaritas have a lot of calories in them (approximately 500 calories in a 4 oz restaurant margarita) and if they are not good, then they are not worth the calories.

I had the opportunity to try Skinny Girl Margarita recently and I am in love!

Here’s the skinny on Skinny Girl Margarita:

  • 100 Calories for a 4 oz glass
  • 100% Natural
  • Lightly sweetened with Agave Nectar
  • Made with Premium Blue Agave Clear Tequila

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical since I have tried other pre-made margaritas and mixes and have not been impressed. I prefer all natural foods so I was eager to give this a try.

I know you’re wondering…what does it taste like? Well, I personally loved it! I think it is perfectly balanced! Truly, I would have never guessed this was a pre-made margarita or made with all natural ingredients if I received it in a restaurant. I could taste the lime, tequila and salt but it was all in perfect harmony. And…at 100 calories a glass! That’s equivalent to a glass of wine and just as easy to pour for those days when mommy needs to unwind!

Skinny Girl Margarita was created by Bethenny Frankel, a renowned natural foods chef, author of New York Times Best Seller, Naturally Thin, and star of the Real Housewives of New York City.

If you love margaritas but don’t want all the extra calories and high fructose corn syrup that many contain, then I highly recommend you try Skinny Girl Margarita. My local Total Wine store carries it for $12.99 a bottle. It’s definitely worth it and I will be serving it at my next function. To find your local retailer, click here.

* Disclosure: Skinny Girl Margarita provided a sample for me to review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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