Jump Start On The Holidays

I guess people are getting a jump start on their holiday shopping because my eBay store has been insane lately! 10 sales in less than 24 hours! My legs have been busy walking to and from the local post office, but I am NOT complaining. My blog has been suffering since I am trying to list merchandise in my store (sorry).

Like I have mentioned in previous blogs and tweets, don’t underestimate how much time it takes to list merchandise on eBay. Once beautiful photographs are taken of each individual item, it is vital to write an accurate description which leaves minimal questions for potential buyers. I do my best to over-communicate product features, share detailed photos, give approximate measurements, etc. Then, there is the packaging process and the actual shipping. It is my personal philosophy to ship items within 2 days of receiving payment, although in almost all cases I ship the same day.

Ok, enough blogging…it is time to dress my mannequins and snap some photos in the natural light. I have a huge stash of clothing to list, so pray my toddler naps today! I really could use that quiet time to work!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? No pressure, but there are only 46 days until Christmas.

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