Search Completed Listings On Ebay

People constantly ask how much they should pay for an item on eBay -OR- what their starting price should be. Every single time, I encourage them to conduct a little research. Search Completed Listings is an easy tool that any registered eBay member can and should use!

Below are the steps for completing this search.

  • Select “Advanced” that is located near the right of the search criteria box.

  • Once the advance search screen appears, type in the item you are researching and then selected the box for “Completed listings”.

  • Click the “Search” button.

Your results will vary based on how popular the item is. I chose something that is not very common on eBay so you could see a quick example with only one result.

This will at least give you an idea of how much items have sold for (or their asking price if they did not sell).

Do NOT bid or sell blindly on eBay auctions ever again, this little tool will help take the guess work out of it!

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