Tips For Flying With A Toddler

Recently, I’ve received questions from people about to travel with little ones. Also, I have responded to other bloggers inquiring how to keep their sanity when traveling with a toddler. Here are a few tips that may help your experience be less chaotic.

  1. Take a copy of your child’s birth certificate for check-in purposes.
  2. Bring along your child’s FAA approved car seat. I have found my kid behaves so much better when he is confined in his car seat. For easier traveling with a car seat, see my previous post about the Gogo Kidz Travelmate. This thing is a life saver!
  3. Find a secluded area in the airport and wear your child out before getting on the flight.
  4. If you child is under 2, they can fly for free as a lap child. Don’t always assume your flight will not be filled and your kid can have an empty seat. I learned this the hard way and had the worst flight ever with my toddler on my lap. It was so bad, I spent $400 on a one-way seat for our return flight (which was empty and I could have had a seat). It’s just not worth the gamble!
  5. If you are concerned about your kid kicking the seat in front of him, reserve that seat for your spouse or flying companion.
  6. Lollipops, snacks and drinks are a requirement for take off and landing. These help out when little ears start hurting and are a great distraction during the flight.
  7. Make sure your child has a dry diaper before taking off. Many airplanes do not have changing tables so you will have to use an empty seat. Not fun when your child has a diaper explosion or if the plane is filled.
  8. Take new small toys and washable crayons/markers to distract your child. For some extra fun, wrap them in tissue paper so your little one can enjoy tearing them open and discovering what is inside.
  9. If your plane does not have in-seat televisions, download shows to your electronic device or bring along a portable dvd player.
  10. Try to be calm otherwise, your child will feel your stress and react. If your kid does scream on the flight, just remember you’re not alone. Many parents have been in your shoes and will sympathize with you. For those who glare, just smile. Their day is coming!

If you have any other tips, please leave some comments!

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