Chuggington Toys At Toys ‘R Us

My son is a huge Chuggington fan and we are so excited their toys are finally going to be available in the United States! Yes, that’s right, starting October 10, 2010 you will be able to find die cast trains, playsets and accessories from Learning Curve at your local Toys ‘R Us! You can pre-order here. Honking horns, you know what will be under our Christmas tree!

I distinctly remember the Chuggington premier on Playhouse Disney, I knew from the previews that my kid was going to love it. I was right and he has been obsessed since that very first episode. Not only do we watch it on television, but we also visit their website often to view episodes, play games and print out coloring pages.

Chuggington is such a great cartoon, the trains all have pleasant personalities and the graphics are really cool. I love the lessons that are taught in each episode and how excited the trains are about earning their badges. This is one cartoon I don’t mind watching either.

We were lucky to receive a complimentary Chuggington dvd screener to preview as well as a Chuggington conductor hat. My son is obsessed with the dvd and begs to watch it over and over! It contains 4 full episodes and my son loves each one. The hat is the perfect addition to my son’s train conductor costume, so we are very grateful.

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