Last November, I admitted I have dental phobia. That particular blog was written about a week before a scheduled appointment. Ever wonder why I never mentioned how that went? Well, it’s because I chickened out and canceled it.

I recently booked a new appointment because I haven’t been in 4 years and my teeth have been hurting. I tried not to let the appointment consume my thoughts. I hate spiders, bugs and snakes…but most of all I HATE THE DENTIST! But, I also know it’s not normal to jump from intense sensitivity when I eat something cold or hot. So, I went and to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected!

After x-rays (worst part of all) and a thorough check-up, I was informed that I have 4 cavities, several old fillings that need to be inspected more closely and a tooth to be repaired. I was lectured for a few other things, but thankfully the damage is not permanent.

After that, I was taken to the person who actually cleans teeth. This is usually the person I fear the most (you know, the one who shoves floss in your gums and it feels like wire); however, the dentist explained how sensitive my teeth are (guess he got the point when I almost jumped out of his chair a few times). Anyway, that went well and she used a special sensitivity polish to help seal the pores in my teeth.

All in all, I have $1500 in dental work to be performed. Thank goodness I have insurance that will cover the majority of it! The bad news is, the work needs to be broken down into two appointments so my entire mouth isn’t completely numb (trust me, I begged to just get it over with at once).

I was informed that I could have nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) to help calm me down. Again, my dental phobia is pretty intense. Anyone have experience with laughing gas? Please leave some comments and let me know!

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