Check out my guest blog over at With Just a Bit of Magic! Today I admit that my mom was right (sigh)!

A little bit about the blog owner … Jackie is a wife, mother of 4 kids ranging from 8 months old to 15, and works full-time. It takes a bit of magic to maintain it all!

Thanks for being such a great hostess Jackie! I thought my life was hectic, boy was I wrong!

Jackie did some blog upgrading and my guest blog vanished. Here is the actual blog (in case you missed it).

I remember hearing my mom say things like “this is what life is all about” and I used to scratch my head thinking she was crazy. Was life really about sitting around with family doing nothing? I could have thought of a million things that seemed like more fun, instead I was dragged along to family functions. To me, those things were boring and I never understood why she got so excited about them. Why did we always have to do family stuff?

There were a lot of things that my mom thrived on that I just didn’t get. She was always about being in her comfort zone and never thought about stepping outside of it. She worried about my brother and me all the time, something that drove me nuts! She used to always say “someday you’ll understand” or “just wait until you have kids”.

Fast forward 20 years later and I am blown away at how smart my mom was! I finally get it! Life is all about those precious moments shared with loved ones. I never quite comprehended that until having a child of my own. In our child free years, my husband and I enjoyed a non-stop lifestyle. We were always on the go, whether it was traveling, going shopping or walking around Disney to get out of the house. We hated just sitting around doing “nothing”.

Don’t get me wrong, we still enjoy getting out and about but it is much more difficult with a kid. Even a quick trip to the market takes planning (diapers, snacks, toys, extra clothing, etc.). I keep reminding my husband how our life is more enriched with our little one, but sometimes he has a hard time seeing it (he’d prefer to be sipping Mai Tai’s in Hawaii or shopping in the Big Apple without worrying about a tantrum). Our son brings us so much joy, he is truly a blessing. Even on days when he shows his true 2-year old spirit, I can envision my mom telling me to savor the moments because “you’ll miss these days when they are gone”.

I just find it amazing that she was right on all accounts! NEVER would I admit that to her of course, but wow! It seem like yesterday my son was this helpless little bundle that needed me for everything. Now, he’s so independent and growing up right before my eyes! I hope I can teach him the same valuable lessons and morals that my mom taught me!

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