First Hair Cut – Disney Style

My husband and I knew it was time to get our little man’s hair cut, but this is a milestone we had been dreading. We adored his little ringlets!

For us, the decision about where to take him was an easy one…Harmony Barber Shop located inside the Magic Kingdom. They actually specialize in first haircuts. Youngsters who receive their first cut at Harmony are given fun items like bubbles, stickers, a set of “First Haircut” Mickey Mouse ears, pixie dust and a certificate. Parents are given their child’s precious locks wrapped in tissue paper.

I made a reservation by calling 407-WDW-DINE and grabbed the first appointment of the day. We were able to enter the park before it opened. I HIGHLY recommend a reservation because half way through my son’s cut, the barber shop started to become crowded.

We lucked out completely! The day of his cut, Disney was shooting a video for their blog focused on the barber shop. Since we were asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to his appointment, we had a front row seat while they taped! My son’s favorite character was the star of the video and he spent some quality time with our little guy. The Disney staff was beyond accommodating, they made our experience something we will never forget. My son received V.I.P. treatment from Mickey, stickers, toys and tons of attention. It was truly magical.

The experience inside the barber shop was just as exciting. Mary H. cut his hair and she was incredible. My son did not want to sit in the chair alone, so she cut his locks while I held him. He stayed occupied with the light up toys and stickers she kept providing him. Mary made sure my husband and I made all the decisions about how short to cut his hair and what she recommended. To be honest with you, I could not imagine taking my son anywhere else for cuts now! His hair is adorable!

I think my biggest fear was that he’d lose his curls, but thankfully his hair is just as curly!

Here’s a little video along with some photos of the special day.

If you decide to have a cut at Harmony, keep in mind the stylists can only accept cash tips. Also, tell them The Unemployed Mom sent you!

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