Separation Anxiety

For the past week or so, my kid has screamed bloody murder when I put him in his crib. He even climbed out the other night trying to get to me. Last night we went to Epcot, if I was not directly beside of him he would start screaming “mama”. On rides, he sat on daddy’s lap but still kept one hand or his head against me.

We saw his regular pediatrician yesterday and she said his ear infection is completely cleared up but his molars are causing some discomfort. I told her about the screaming when he does not want to go to bed and how he clings to me like a monkey. She explained he is having separation anxiety, meaning when I walk out of his room he is not convinced I will come back. This could have something to do with a recent visit from his grandparents. For over a week, they played with him and he loved every second of it. Then one day, he went down for a nap and when he woke…they were gone. Funny, why didn’t I put the connection together? When she was asking if anything in our routine had changed, it clicked! Duh! Thanks mom and dad!  🙂

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