Some days, I think I focus too much on what needs to be done instead of stopping to appreciate the little things in life. I make such a difference to my kid, he loves that I read books and play toys all day long. He knows that when he wakes from his naps, it’s going to be me that comes through his door with a smile.

Isn’t it amazing when you’re having a bad day, all it takes is a big hug from your child to wipe that negative feeling away momentarily. Also, the sound of laughter has such a calming effect. These are the precious moments that instantly make a mom feel overwhelmed with love, which can easily lead to tears.

It’s so funny, a few years ago my worries consisted of project deadlines, gossiping co-workers and demanding bosses, now I have this little person to teach morals and values to. Although some do not feel that being a stay at home mom is a real job, I encourage them to sit back and think about the lessons being taught every single day. Children are a product of their surroundings.

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