Fitting Room Mirrors

Why is it that I can try something on inside of a store and like the image I see, but when I get home and try the clothing on I absolutely hate it? What is it about those dressing room mirrors that make me feel like clothing flatters my figure, then I look in my own mirror and scratch my head wondering what I was thinking? Thankfully, I wasn’t too quick to rip the tags off two items I purchased today so they are going back!

Seriously though, is it just me or are trick mirrors used in fitting rooms? I’m not talking about the type that security cameras are hidden behind and the people in the booth are laughing while watching us squeeze ourselves into garments that we should know better either. Perhaps it is the lighting used inside the fitting room that gives that “you look good” ambiance, I’m not sure! But whatever it is, I need to invest in it for my own home!

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