Spam Needs To Stay In a Can

I do not like spam in a can -or- on my blog pages. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of spam comments on my Facebook fan page and twitter account because people automatically assume my readers hang around trying to find unemployment help. If these spammers would take a brief moment to actually read my content, they may understand that is not what The Unemployed Mom is about.

I have received emails from people asking me to promote their job searching tools and/or facebook pages. Not once did they even acknowledge my blog or indicate they would help me in return by sending people to my link, it was all about them. Whatever! One lady actually said “before spamming your page, I wanted to let you know so you could promote my link for me instead”. Seriously? Well, I didn’t promote her page and denied the request yet she still spammed my facebook page. Oh, and there was one guy who basically told me I was being overprotective of my blog community which was not uncommon but a huge mistake. Buddy…I do not think my readers care about what you have to offer! Perhaps I should have given him the subject of breast feeding or reviewing the latest feminine hygiene products, then he would have backed off politely.

At least my blog has a spam filter that works VERY well!

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