Crib to Bed Transition

I have had a lot of friends tell me to keep my kid in his crib as long as possible and not rush the crib to bed transition. He sleeps well in his crib (naps at least 2 hours during the day and 10 – 12 hours at night). He does not try to escape (or not yet at least and he turned 2 in April). But, I started thinking about how long the transition could possibly take and the fact if he ever becomes potty trained (LOL) then he will need to be able to access the bathroom whenever necessary.

Give me your advice and let me know your experience. Do I convert his bed into a toddler bed or just go for a twin bed? What worked and what didn’t, what to do and what NOT to do. Tell me what I need to know about the crib to bed transition and whether I should just put it on the back burner for now. I know all children are different, but I want to know what I am in for.

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