Recently I blogged about purchasing jean diapers and today I am begging diaper companies to stop trying to make diapers look cool. As a mom, all I care about is that my child is dry! Instead, I have had a week of leaking, sagging diapers! No joke, even my husband commented on how many diapers we have gone through and how many clothes I have washed since these diapers won’t stop leaking!

We were playing on the floor the other day and all of the sudden I see this puddle ooze out of my son’s diaper. I couldn’t believe my eyes! These diapers just do not absorb, very poor quality.

I recently received an email from another large diaper company and they are also making designer diapers. Seriously, make it stop! Just give us diapers that work properly! Children look cool on their own, they do not need designer diapers to achieve that status!

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