Last night, my husband and I watched the show Bait Car. What a riot, we were laughing at the idiot car thieves who fall for these traps. I mean come on, if it seems to good to be true then chances are…it is. Also, I don’t understand criminal minds, do they steal for the adrenaline rush or because it is something to do?

Anyway, on the show last night, a pregnant lady pretended to be in labor and jumped out of her brand new Cadillac Escalade and left the door open and key in the ignition. Sure enough, within a few minutes a couple jumps in and takes off. I love the hidden cameras that capture the facial expressions, emotions go from “paranoid”, to “relaxed” when they think they are free and clear then to “oh crap, we’re going to jail” when the engine cuts off and sirens close in. My favorite part of the show is listening to the stories the thieves create to try to get off the hook, unaware that everything they said and did was caught on camera.

Now, after we watched a few unsuccessful attempts, my husband casually says “if you steal an Escalade, just don’t shut the door and you won’t get locked in”. I should have known he was analyzing how to successfully complete the task. No, he’s not a thief…just someone who over-analyzes everything!

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