A Giant Mouse In Our House

This weekend, we welcomed a new addition to our family. It’s not like my son doesn’t have tons of Mickey things already, but this stuffed mouse is special. Why? Well, because he is super sized. We had admired this plush at the Downtown Disney Marketplace but with a hefty price tag of $100, he was going to stay put.

On the 4th of July, we found him at our local Disney outlet for $39.99. He was sitting behind the counter so people were not touching him. I gave him a thorough inspection and he was flawless and clean! The employee seemed amused when I decided to purchase him, she told me another child begged for a giant Mickey but the mom decided against it because “her husband would kill her if she brought that thing home”.

Of course the store didn’t have a large enough bag, so I had to carry Mickey through the outlets (keep in mind, this thing is almost my size and heavy). My husband was having no parts of it, you would have thought he was in a stroller race or something as fast as he was trying to get away from us. Children were pointing and yelling “Mickey” and people stopped in their tracks as they saw us pass by.

It was worth the embarrassment, my son just loves him. He grabs Mickey by the nose and drags him around. Obviously, Mickey’s gloves will not stay white for long…but at least he was on sale!

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