eBay Communication

Just like in any relationship, communication is one of the key elements for making eBay successful. It all starts with the auction description and then once the item has sold, there are various seller touch points that should not be missed. I have created templates to email buyers for the following:

  • Thank you for purchase / payment received notification.
  • Shipping notice and delivery confirmation details.
  • Feedback reminder which indicates you have tracked the package and it was delivered successfully.

In the past I have mentioned how important it is for sellers to add a thank you note to packages. This note should include a phrase about how the buyer should contact you directly with any questions.

Open communication also applies to buyers, which is why the “contact me directly with any questions” line is essential on the thank you note. This lets the buyer know to communicate directly with the seller if he or she is unhappy or has a problem with some aspect of the transaction. Buyers, it is critical to let the seller know if there is an issue so details can be worked out. Retaliating by starting a feedback war and leaving neutral or negative feedback is not necessary. A seller’s reputation is based upon the feedback he or she receives, so please work out any issues before leaving unnecessary feedback remarks that could be avoided.

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