Exercise Routines

I used to be a gym junkie, my husband and I would spend at least 10 hours per week in the gym (no exaggeration). My running shoes and the treadmill would take me at least 15 miles every week. Yes, that was before we had our son and before demanding jobs…oh and not to mention my orthopedic doctor instructing me to stop running unless I was being chased by an ax murderer because my knees are completely shot (I have chondromalacia patella).

I miss running and get jealous when my husband laces up his sneakers. I had to make major adjustments to my fitness routine, now my workouts consist of using exercise dvds and taking long walks while pushing a baby stroller. It was tough staying disciplined at first, but now I have no desire to work out in a public facility. Our garage has been converted into a comfortable area where I can get a great workout in private. Trust me when I tell you, I am drenched in sweat when I finish.

I was just curious, what does everyone do for exercise? Please take my poll and also leave some comments! I need some fresh ideas to mix things up!

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