Packing eBay Merchandise

When packing eBay merchandise, don’t just throw it into a box. Make sure to wrap it neatly and securely with tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts or other soft options. You want to give your buyer a good impression, let them know you cared down to the very last detail.

Also, make sure the box, envelope and packing supplies you use do not smell funky. For example, if you keep your boxes stored inside a garage they may inherit a gasoline aroma. Or, if you find a box that seems like the perfect size but it is sitting by the dumpster, please just leave it there. Don’t take a chance with dirty or smelly boxes, it just isn’t worth the risk of ruining the merchandise you pack inside. Remember, Priority Mail offers free boxes so take advantage of it!

I have received merchandise that was just shoved into a box with dirty newspaper clippings all around it. Not a good impression, especially when it was an antique collectible that I spent a great deal of money on! I have also received merchandise that blew my mind with how they were packaged and presented. One seller actually included a handmade card with inspirational quotes written in calligraphy. I knew that seller cared all the way to the very end of the transaction!

Keep in mind, packaging and presentation have an impact on feedback that is left for you. While packing merchandise may seem like a minor thing, it really does play a big part in the buyer’s experience.

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