Earth Day Fun With Kids

I involve my toddler in green living practices by having him put items into our recycling bin. He gets excited when he sees an empty paper towel or toilet paper holder, he likes to use them as tunnels for his cars. Ultimately, he knows once he is finished using his imagination, he gets to place the cardboard into the recycling bin. He then becomes so proud and claps at his accomplishment.

Our next green project is making a potted garden and growing some of our favorite vegetables. I am excited for him to witness food growing and not just being brought home in a canvas grocery bag. Although I’m sure he will think of the activity as another fun way to play in the dirt, the lessons that will be taught are invaluable!

I stumbled upon these fun Earth Day Crafts for kids and must admit, some of these ideas are adorable and seem fairly easy. These are a great way to have fun and teach our children about recycling at the same time.

What green activities do you involve your children in? Please share in the comments.

Happy Earth Day!

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