200th Post: A Special Tribute To My Golden

This post marks #200 for The Unemployed Mom blog, so I wanted it to be special. It’s not going to be another toddler tale, eBay tip, product review/giveaway, or anything like that. This post is all about my golden retriever, Bailey! She deserves the love!

This September, Bailey will be 11. She has lived a long, luxurious life. As a pup, she used to run through the hills of West Virgina chasing after 4-wheelers and jumping into ponds. When she was 4, we moved to Orlando, Florida where she quickly adjusted to a resort type of lifestyle. She loved lounging on floats in our pool (I’m not joking, take a look at the photos), going for long walks and just being a pampered princess.

After 8 years of having an in-ground pool take up our entire yard, we now have a fenced back yard where she can play all day. She  explores, sniff the smells the neighborhood critters leave behind, chases squirrels and birds, and just acts like a puppy. It brings me joy to see her happy again, I know how neglected she has felt since my son came along.

Bailey is starting to show her age though and it is heart breaking. Her face is no longer red, she has a white face which to most people is the only indicator that she may be an older dog (many people think she’s a puppy because she can still be hyper active). Recently, I have witnessed her having trouble walking up our deck steps. Her back legs just aren’t lifting like they used to and she keeps falling (she was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia as a puppy but has never really showed signs of ailment since we moved to Orlando…that is until now).

A few months ago, she had a huge tick on her and the bite area turned into a hard lump. At that time, the vet examined the lump and ran some tests. She told me to keep an eye on it and to bring Bailey back in if it grew. Unfortunately, the bump has more than quadrupled in size and it is really quite gross looking. Tomorrow, I’m taking her in to have it looked at and praying for good news. Your prayers would be appreciated, too!

She’s been such a great golden girl and the thought of something seriously being wrong with her breaks my heart! She has been my baby for a very long time. It’s funny how our furry family members hold a special place in our hearts just like our children do!

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