Tattletale Part 2

Previously, I blogged about my son being a tattletale on himself. Well, not anymore…he tattles on his golden retriever when she takes his toys and now insists that “da da” is at fault whenever there is a disruption in the force.

Yesterday, he started tattling on strangers. We went shopping and a lady knocked down a skirt. As the hanger hit the floor, my son yelled “uh oh” and kept pointing to it. What did she do? She completely ignored him and walked away from the skirt. I picked up the merchandise so my son would stop yelling “uh oh” and pointing.

I think it’s pathetic the lady ignored the mess she made and just walked away, despite the fact a toddler pointed it out to her repeatedly. Talk about disrespectful! I can only imagine what her closet looks like.

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