Why Twitter is Better Than A Magic 8-Ball

Remember back in the 80’s when we used to rely on the old trusty Magic 8-Ball to predict our future or for guidance? We’d ask our question then give the ball a good shake? I remember sometimes praying for a certain answer to pop up, and if it didn’t…I’d try again until I received a favorable response. No wonder I often received the message, “Response Hazy, Try Again Later”, it was from all that extra shaking!

Well, who needs that now…we have Twitter! I mean seriously, just tweet your question and you will get a response almost instantaneously. Now, it may not be what you want to hear or it may be EXACTLY what you want to hear…but rest assured you will get a response! For instance, the other night I asked whether or not I should open a Bordeaux and in less than a minute received several responses all saying YES! Majority ruled and of course that bottle was opened and enjoyed.

The good thing is, you will not see “Response Hazy, Try Again Later”! But, you could try again later and get a totally different twitter response! It’s awesome!

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