How To Establish Feedback on eBay

Would you purchase an item on eBay from a seller who has little or no feedback? I’m sure the answer is no (or at least it is for me). How does someone interested in becoming a seller establish credibility so people are comfortable and confident buying from them? The answer is simple, through eBay’s partner site, We all have old books, cds, video games or dvds lying around collecting dust. Why not make some extra cash and in return build your eBay credibility? is simple to use and it will give a newbie the feel for selling online. The interface is fairly intuitive. I was walking a friend through the process yesterday and it was much easier than I remembered. You do not have to conduct research about average selling price for your item, the information is literally presented to you! Also, the site factors in the media mail shipping costs so you do not even have to stress out wondering “how much will this cost to ship”. In my experience, I always found the shipping price paid by the buyer was more than the actual costs, so I made a little extra in that area.

Once you set up your account, you are ready to start listing items! If you have a few minutes to dedicate, you could start selling today! Within a month or so, you should have your feedback established to where people feel confident buying from you and then you can start the eBay selling journey!

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. This stuff takes time and if you’re willing to put forth the effort, you can have success selling on eBay!

Also, if you’d like the chance to win the best eBay resource available, then I highly encourage you to enter my contest to win a copy of Titanium eBay. Skip McGrath is an eBay icon and this book has helped me achieve my eBay Power Seller status and success.

Best of luck!

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