What Is That Smell?

This morning, my husband went out to our SUV and was almost knocked down by a horrendous odor. He thought perhaps something rotten was inside or a diaper was left in the back.¬†Upon further investigation, he noticed a green sippy cup on the floor. He thought the liquid inside was water and for some ODD reason, decided to open it and give it a sniff…you know, to make certain that was actually the culprit.

Go ahead and laugh moms, you know how bad the stench of a spoiled milk sippy cup is! I guess the green cup threw him off, because there was indeed curdled milk inside.

Needless to say, he gagged six times and I’m not sure how he kept his breakfast down! I am still laughing! It had been sitting in the vehicle since the weekend (keep in mind, we live in Florida too)! I will cut him some slack, he did not have his coffee yet and wasn’t thinking straight. But hey, he solved the mystery and found the missing green sippy cup I had been looking for! I figured I’d find it in a toy box or stashed under furniture, but nope…it was in the car. Thanks honey!

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