Darn that Murphy and his law! Everything was going great, we sold our home and moved into a new place. My son was progressing nicely with potty training then suddenly when I am an official Potty Ambassador for Pull-Ups… WHAM my kid decides to put on the brakes and throw potty training out the window.

Yes, I knew we’d be moving prior to beginning the potty training process but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my child would be impacted like this. I am sad for him, he seems to enjoy his new surroundings but is not sleeping well and is very needy. The last thing he wants to do is sit on his potty chair!

I need to just stop stressing about it. Obviously, he will start using the potty again once he has adjusted and is ready. Next time, I should listen to that voice in my head when it’s shouting “DO NOT START POTTY TRAINING UNTIL YOU ARE SETTLED IN YOUR NEW HOME”.

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