We teach our children the importance of sharing, but do we also follow our own rules? Lately, I’ve been trying to share all incentives I receive (coupons, promotion codes, etc.). Why not help others? No one should pay retail price for ANYTHING!

In November, a friend of mine visited and we spent the day outlet shopping. Since she lives in Kansas, she was blown away by the outlets we have in Orlando. Every store she shopped at gave her coupons to return in December. Since she wouldn’t be here, she passed the savings on to me. I am a frequent outlet shopper, that is where I primarily purchase my eBay merchandise. Anyway, I wasn’t going to use the coupons and refused to let them go to waste. What did I do, I decided to “pay it forward”. I went into those stores and found the person standing in line with the biggest armload of merchandise and happily gave them a “20% off their entire purchase” coupon and wished them a Merry Christmas. The recipients were extremely grateful.

I only hope others will do the same! Share the savings, especially in this tough economy.

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