Mended Little Hearts

n178941762889_4508I am proud to announce Mended Little Hearts now has a chapter in my home town of Winchester, Virginia. Two friends of mine, Megan Setzer and Jenny Myers, founded this organization along with two other heart mommies, Beth Neissner and Sara Northcraft. All four of these ladies have extraordinary strength and very BIG hearts! Click here to read the article published in the Northern Virginia Daily.

Mended Little Hearts, a support program for parents of children with heart defects and heart disease, is dedicated to inspiring hope in those who care for the littlest heart patients of all. Mended Little Hearts offers resources and a caring support network as families find answers and move forward to find healing and hope.

To find a Mended Little Hearts organization near you, click here.  You can also join the Mended Little Hearts of Winchester facebook page for the most current updates from this organization.

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