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ebayI haven’t posted for a few days, was recuperating from all my time in the kitchen. YES, I canceled our reservation and cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family! The food turned out wonderful and I am beyond thrilled with my decision to cook. I only cheated when it came to the pie and rolls, but next time they will be from scratch too.

Also, I have been spending all my spare time posting merchandise on eBay and gearing up for Cyber Monday (which was yesterday). My efforts paid off, I have had a successful run on eBay! Anyway, I wanted to pass along some eBay holiday shopping tips which may save you some headaches and money!

  • Feedback is key! Do not bid on an item if the seller does not have a high percentage of positive feedback. See what others are saying about the merchandise they receive and about the seller’s tactics.
  • Best offers. Do not be afraid you will insult the seller by putting in a low offer. In many instances, a seller will email you a counteroffer and then you can either accept, re-negotiate the terms or decline the offer.
  • Offer a lower price than the starting bid or “buy it now” price. Again, don’t be afraid to send the seller a message and work out a lower price that fits your budget (even if that is only requesting for free shipping). You’d be surprised how many sellers are willing to work with you just to make a profit!
  • Work out details up front! If you want to purchase something but need it shipped to an alternate address, make sure you clarify this before bidding. Some sellers generate their shipping labels from PayPal and use the confirmed address that is on the invoice. Also, remind the seller by putting special instructions in the “notes” section when you check out.
  • See other items! If you are interested in purchasing an item from a seller, see what else they are offering. In many cases, you can strike up a good deal for purchasing multiple auctions! Again, email the seller before bidding and work out shipping discounts.
  • Consider a second chance offer. Many sellers have multiple items and will send you a “second chance offer” via eBay if you were outbid on an auction. This is a great way to snag an item quickly and without paying the winning amount.
  • Do not assume anything! Ask questions before bidding.
  • Read the auction details. Make sure you know the shipping time frame as well as the accepted payment methods before bidding.
  • Leave feedback. Feedback is critical for sellers so make sure you leave honest feedback about your transaction. Also, make sure you receive feedback from the seller so you can build up your eBay credibility.

Happy eBaying! There are bargains out there and terrific sellers to work with, like me!

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