Huggies, Pampers & LuvsIn the past, I have talked about my challenges with leaky diapers. We are still using Huggies Overnites for sleep diapers and are happy with them. Occasionally, we will have a leak, but not letting my son drink anything close to bedtime has helped tremendously.

For 18 months, the diapers we have used faithfully during the day has been Pampers. I really like their products and haven’t had any real complaints other than they were leaking at night. Last week, I received my monthly order and opened up the new box of Cruisers (140 count). They seemed completely normal until my son was ready for a diaper change. As he was lying on the diaper changer, I noticed his inner thigh area was green and blue. The color seemed to come off when rubbed with a wipe (and came off even more when I scrubbed him in the bath tub).

Every single time I’d change his diaper, I’d notice the color! He wasn’t wearing new denim, just his usual play clothes that have never caused any problems. Once I stopped using the Pampers, I didn’t notice the color on his legs any longer. I did some research and other people had experienced similar dye issues with Pampers products. I contacted Pampers and they are in the process of sending me coupons that will cover my total costs. Here is a snippet of their email response:

Since you’ve always used our diapers for your baby, I’m sure you understand this is an unusual situation. We certainly wouldn’t expect color from the dye to get on your baby’s skin. The inks and dyes used in our products have been thoroughly evaluated to confirm that the pigments do not bleed. Both are commonly used in other consumer products and have an extensive history of safe use. In an unexpected situation where color does get on the skin, simply wash off with your usual gentle soap and water.

I had purchased a small package of Luvs diapers in the same order. I heard about their money back guaranteed so I decided to give them a try. They are less expensive so I was hopeful they’d work out (and it would be nice to stop buying a separate day and night diaper)! Well, I opted to use the Luvs once I realized the Pampers had dye issues and thankfully, my son’s legs remained normal color. But, the Luvs diapers leaked and gel pieces spilled all over the place.  What a mess! Needless to say, I will be contacting Luvs for a full refund and will never glance at their products again!

I hope my next purchase doesn’t cause me so many headaches. Good grief! Also, it would be nice to find a product that works during the day AND at night! If you have a solution, please contact me!

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