AAA Automated Survey

AAAI have vented in the past about how much I hate receiving telemarketing calls; however, I think I found something that bothers me worse. Yesterday, I received an automated call from AAA regarding a customer service survey. Basically, they wanted feedback about a recent service experience. Needless to say, my family is not involved with AAA and we have never placed a service call.

The automated survey asked if I placed the service call and I selected “no”. What did I hear next, that they would call back at another time to speak to the person who placed it. HELLO…no one placed a AAA service call from my home! Stop harassing me!

This morning at 10:15 my phone rang and it was AAA again (they called yesterday at 10:15 am, too). Instead of selecting no, I proceeded with the automated survey. I selected “5” for everything indicating that I was extremely dissatisfied with my experience. I also gave the service provider poor ratings for appearance, customer service and procedures. Finally, I indicated I waited over two hours for my service provider to show up.

I hope I skew their survey results! Serves them right since they did not give me the option to “opt out”!

If you receive the same automated survey and select that you “did not” place a AAA service call, you will continue to receive the call daily until they take you off the call back list (or, you can follow my lead and put a stop to the calls)!

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