Healthy Competition

We have all been there before, someone asks when your child hit a certain milestone and then starts comparing their child’s development to yours. We all know children develop at their own pace and have their own unique personalities. I have talked to several mom friends lately who say “enough is enough”.  Why are parents introducing unhealthy competition to their children? If a child overhears mom or dad talking about another kid who perhaps isn’t as advanced in his or her development, they will become confused and think something may be wrong with their friend. Just because a kid walk, talks or uses the potty later than another doesn’t make that child less intelligent. The way I see it, we have enough stuff in life to worry about with our children and these trivial things should not be one of them.

Bottom line is this, parents are always going to think their child is smarter, cuter and more talented than the next kid. All I’m asking is that we think before we speak in front of our kids. Let’s promote healthy competition!

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