My husband and I are in Virginia wine country and yesterday decided to visit Doukenie Winery for their event “A Taste of Italy”. As Heritage Club Members, we were very excited to attend and taste some delicious food and wine. Needless to say, the event fell short of our expectations.  The staff we interacted with was rude and not at all what we have come to know and expect from Doukenie. We treated two family members to the event hoping they could see why we joined the wine club, but they too were turned off by the attitudes we received and lack of process.

Anyway, something completely unrelated to the wine event happened while we were there and I am still wondering why. My son was playing in the grass and a complete stranger walked over and picked him up. My son was terrified and began screaming in horror. When the man finally put him down, my son came running to me and grabbed my neck so hard that I think I still have finger marks on it. Obviously, the strange man felt really bad for the reaction my son had and apologized profusely. His wife was completely mortified and was also very apologetic. They really were nice people, but I am still puzzled what possessed this man to just walk over to my child and pick him up?

Have you ever had something like this happen? I felt like we already had attention drawn to us because of my son’s reaction so I tried to be as calm as possible (although I wanted to tell the guy to buzz off).

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