What is wrong with people? A stranger in a Georgia Wal-Mart warns a mother to shut her crying toddler up or he’d do it for her. He wasn’t joking either, he struck the littler girl multiple times in the face. I couldn’t believe this story when I read it on CNN. I’m not sure how I would have reacted, but if I was threatened by a stranger that would be enough for me to call in back-up!

Why are people so negative when it comes to crying children? Anyone who has been around a toddler knows that sometimes they just go off regardless of how well behaved they are normally. Sometimes as parents, we feel helpless and the last thing we need is a complete stranger giving dirty looks or threatening us. These reactions do not help the situation, instead they just stress the parent out more (so if you’re guilty of sending hateful glances, stop it)!

I will admit that prior to having my son, I was less tolerant of fussy children, but now I sympathize with parents.

How do you react if you receive “looks” from people when your child is misbehaving? What would you do if this bizarre situation happened to you?

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