Holy Cow

This story is too bizarre not to share. When I was 6 months pregnant driving home from work, I was shocked to see a steer running around on a relatively busy road. Being an animal lover, I pulled over to try to do something about it. The steer ran over to my window and his size and enormous horns freaked me out. He didn’t look so big from far away but up close, holy cow! I didn’t want to get hurt and opted to stay inside my car.

I called my husband frantic asking him what I should do. He told me not to get out of my car and to let someone else stop and deal with it. That wasn’t good enough for me though. You would THINK he would have jumped in his car and drove the 2 miles to where I was sitting, but instead opted to stay home and watch American Idol!

I called 911 to report the steer on the loose. Apparently, other people had reported the animal but the officers could not find the location. I assured the 911 dispatcher that I’d stay on the phone with her and try to warn approaching traffic with my lights. As I was talking to the dispatcher, a SUV was coming towards the area so I began flashing my lights and honking my horn. Unfortunately, the cow stepped out in front of it and BAM! The front end was demolished, yet the cow didn’t even hit the ground! His back end went down, but that was about it.

The driver was in total shock, she wasn’t quite sure what happened (she actually asked me if she hit a tree). Her SUV was totaled, but the steer appeared to be fine. We didn’t go near him, we just waited for the officer to arrive. In the meantime, I noticed a phone number on a fence and called to let the landowner know what happened.

Long story short, the 800+ lb steer survived with just a minor limp on one leg. Can you imagine hitting an 800 pound cow? Good grief! Of course the officers joked continuously about going out for steaks afterwards, they were quite amused to say the least.

Today, the cow is thriving! I smile every single time I drive by that area thinking about the night I helped save a steer’s life! I swear he recognizes my vehicle too, he looks up every single time I drive by (it could be because I always honk and wave).

Have you ever witnessed a weird incident like this? Could you imagine trying to explain to your insurance company that you hit a cow. Too funny!

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