I am a bit frustrated wondering how a business can run out of certain merchandise. While visiting our home state of Virginia, my husband and I couldn’t wait to go to La Madeleine for a bowl of delicious Tomato Basil soup. It is our ritual to stop at the Reston location for a bowl since Florida doesn’t have the country french cafe. Needless to say, our excitement quickly turned to disappointment when we were told they “ran out” and it would take at least 30 minutes before a new batch would be ready. How does that happen? La Madeleine is famous for their Tomato Basil soup (they even sell it by the jar), yet they ran out? Unreal! We left the cafe very disappointed and did not return for our soup, instead drove to Dulles to catch our flight.

To add to my frustration, this weekend I was shopping at Whole Foods. I had my list in hand and was prepared to spend a small fortune on our weekly groceries. Upon arriving at the meat counter, I realized the slots for chicken breast and turkey breast was completely empty. I asked the gentleman behind the counter if he had any chicken or turkey in the back, but he explained they “ran out” of both. How does a grocery store run out of white meat? I checked the frozen section and it was empty too. I should have just left my cart and walked out of the store, but instead I continued buying the fruits, vegetables, breads and diary products I needed (which still added up to $100…how is that?). I do not live close to Whole Foods and am frustrated that I have to make a trip back to purchase the rest of my groceries.

Have you gone to a location for something specific only to find the store ran out of that product? I know I should just let it go, but I am having a very difficult time doing so.

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