Climbing Toddler

If I can give one piece of advice to new parents it is to feel comfortable confining your infant and taking a little time to yourself! I think I was too exhausted during that period of my son’s life to actually appreciate that he’d stay in one place so I could get things done. Once baby is crawling and cruising, he or she requires 100% of your attention.

George Nelson BenchMy son is constantly exploring and his new fascination is climbing. I am amazed at his newfound climbing abilities considering he won’t even take steps on his own yet. I turned my back for a second yesterday and he was on top of our George Nelson Platform Bench. I grabbed him before he fell off onto the tile and let him know the furniture is off limits!

I don’t like to confine him much, but when I have to I still use his Phil and Teds Traveller (similar to a pack and play). The only problem is, he now stacks his toys and uses them like stairs to try and escape. His upper body is getting much stronger too, so I’m wondering how long it will be before he tries to climb out of his Oeuf crib!

I’m afraid his first accident last week is just a preview of what life with a boy is going to be like!

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