Who is “The Unemployed Mom”?

I have always held a professional position; however, in 2008 the economy threw lemons my way in the form of a job layoff (hence the term “unemployed mom”). I had 2 choices…to make lemonade or find another corporate job that left me hanging on the branch, tired, isolated from my family and eventually drying up and hitting the ground.

JessicaNapaValleyDuring my transition (aka blessing in disguise), I created “The Unemployed Mom” blog as an avenue to stay in touch with friends and family. I shared stories and updates about my newborn son.  The blog quickly evolved into a popular family friendly and lifestyle blog. Typical information you will find at TheUnemployedMom.com consists of:

• Tips for generating income on eBay and Craigslist.
• Product reviews and giveaways.
• Charity awareness and promotions.
• Healthy lifestyle concepts.
• Coupons, deals, and money saving tips.
• Central Florida events & activities (theme parks, local events, travel deals, etc.)

Making lemonade was the best decision ever, I followed my passion and took my eBay sales to the next level. I became a successful eBay Silver Level PowerSeller and Top Rated Seller while staying home and raising my son!

FamilyPhoto2014I have also had the privilege of working as a Brand Ambassador with some of my favorite companies. If you would like to learn more about hiring The Unemployed Mom for brand promotion, reviews and/or giveaways please do not hesitate to contact me at Jessica@theunemployedmom.com. Media kit is available upon request.

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  1. Cheryl

    I am sitting in Panera, sipping coffee and completely connecting with your blog. I was laid off two months ago and am lost. While my job was completely stressful and there was certainly a great deal of relief when it happened, I do not have the luxury of NOT WORKING. I am loving the extra time I get with my two teenage daughters, among many things, but am having a hard time enjoying the time off because of serious financial worries. I owned two different businesses before getting back into corporate America and am trying desperately to come up with something to do for myself again. I live in Florida, which is an absolutely brutal place to find work . . . not to mention the crazy work ethic of this state. Anyway, I am very happy to find your page and would love to chat with other women who have found themselves in my position . . .which seems to be quite a lot!

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