Buy, Sell & Trade On Local Facebook Groups Instead of Craigslist

In the past, I have talked about how to make money selling items via ebay and Craigslist. To be honest, I have not used Craigslist for years because I was tired of receiving phishing messages and the Craigslist horror stories are just too frightening. Instead, I have been joining local facebook buy/sell/trade groups and have found those to be way more effective.

We are the process of renovating a historic home in Tampa. We gutted the bathroom and kitchen, so I will be selling those old appliances via a local neighborhood facebook group. I have already used this particular site and found reputable contractors as well as items I can use for my renovation project. All I had to do was type “ISO” meaning “in search of” and describe exactly what I’m looking for and boom…within a few minutes I received a list of recommendations.

Why use local buy/trade/sell sites versus big online sites like ebay or Craigslist?

  • No costs involved to list or ship (ebay fees are very high).
  • No phishing emails.
  • Administrator posts rules and monitors site to make sure everyone is following.
  • You are dealing with locals who must be approved by administrator to join.
  • You have instant access to responders’ friend list. (I was able to check references for contractors and people shared photos of work and testimonials).
  • If you’re uncomfortable going to homes, you can agree on a local public spot to meet.
  • Prices are reasonable since no site fees are involved and people are willing to negotiate.

This route is more fun because I’m meeting people in my neighborhood. It’s also a great way to list unwanted items versus having a yard sale.

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2 Thoughts to “Buy, Sell & Trade On Local Facebook Groups Instead of Craigslist”

  1. Evelyn

    Just wondering how can i start or find a local Facebook group and how that works.
    Best wishes and God bless!

  2. Melissa McGrath

    Hi there….Im starting to get nervous.. can someone please answer me back if you see this. I put my daughters car up for sale today on Craigslist. within 3 minutes I had a text, with this (347) area code # telling me he will send me a check for the $4,000, and once it clears, he will be sending someone to pick up the car & will arrange delivery. He doesn’t have any interest in seeing it, which I mentioned numerous times, and just asked me to take the post down. I didn’t give him any bank info….but what is he looking for here- if this is a scam??

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