Hallmark Disney-inspired Recordable Storybooks Review & Giveaway

Ever wish you could read your child a story, but you are traveling and unable to do so? Do you have a grandchild and/or loved one that lives far away and you’d like to give a gift guaranteed to put a smile on his or her face? Now you can thanks to Hallmark and their Recordable Storybooks! Even when you are physically not there, your loved one can listen to YOU read a story.

I first learned about these books last year when my mom sent one, my son smiles every time he hears Maw Maw’s voice reading to him. The concept is absolutely adorable (and brilliant)!

Hallmark added two new Disney titles to its popular library of Recordable Storybooks this year, including “The Wish My Heart Makes for You” and “You’re a Hero! All the Ways You Save the Day.” They join other Classic Disney Recordable Storybooks like Lightning McQueen and His Winning Team, Winnie the Pooh’s Plan Bee and What Makes a Princess.

Hallmark sent us Lightning McQueen and His Winning Team. The story is cute and my son was in love with it even before my husband and I recorded our voices reading the story.

The instructions are easy to follow.

After a few tries, our recording was complete. The end result is a book my child will treasure forever! My son loves his book, even before his t-ball game I caught him listening to it.

One lucky winner will have the opportunity to record a Hallmark Disney-inspired Storybook for a loved one. Winner can request their Hallmark Disney-inspired book preference, but it is not guaranteed.

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* Disclosure: I received a Hallmark Disney-inspired recordable storybook to evaluate and comment on my experiences. All thoughts are mine.

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25 Thoughts to “Hallmark Disney-inspired Recordable Storybooks Review & Giveaway”

  1. Dee

    I would be recording my voice for my niece! 🙂

  2. Dee

    I’d choose Winnie The Pooh’s Plan Bee Recordable Storybook 🙂

  3. Jessica Beard

    I’d like my parents to record a book for my son.

  4. Jessica Beard

    Winnie The Pooh’s Plan Bee

  5. Susan

    I would be recording it for my daughter

  6. Susan

    I would love the Cinderella book

  7. Tina

    I would be recording it for my daughter

  8. Kelly D

    I would be recording this for my children.

  9. mell

    I’d want my parents to record a book for my son.

  10. mell

    Winnie The Pooh’s Plan Bee

  11. these books are perfect. my boys great-grandmother would record the stories for them. they just love their “GG” and this would be such a great keepsake for them so they can always hear her voice.

  12. Dalia

    I would be recording it of course!

  13. Thsi would be great for John to record his voice especially when he is away from the girls.

  14. I have seen these books at the Hallmark store and I thought they are really awesome!

  15. lisa

    My children’s grandparents

  16. Karen Medlin

    It will be our little guy’s daddy recording the book

  17. Karen Medlin

    Lightning McQueen and His Winning Team for sure.. it’s our little guy’s favorite character. Curious You On Your Way! would be our 2nd choice.

  18. Marie Owens

    Daddys voice so when Izzie is missing him she can have him read her a story!

  19. Marie Owens

    Winnie the Pooh!

  20. @Marie, I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool to have our Pap record a story?!?!

  21. Kristina S

    Hubby and I would read for my nephew

  22. Kristina S

    I would choose the lightning mcqueen book as my nephew’s favorite movie is Cars

  23. Marie Owens

    Yay, It’s fixed!!

  24. Summer

    I would record my or my husband’s voice for our son due in January. 🙂

  25. Summer

    I would pick Winnie The Pooh’s Plan Bee.

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