Bill Clinton Rally In Orlando

NOTE: This is NOT a political post, but I encourage EVERYONE to exercise their right to vote! If you are not registered and live in the state of Florida, you can do so here.

I stood in line 3 hours Monday for a complimentary ticket to hear the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton speak. The next morning, I saw a facebook news update that more tickets were available. I drove to Obama Headquarters, found a front row spot and was given two more tickets! My entire family would have the opportunity to hear our former President speak. Opportunity of a lifetime!

We arrived early and there were people everywhere! Since we had the little guy, we were offerred seats near the stage. SCORE! He had a comfortable place to sit and play ipad. He was really excited about seeing channel 13 news, he recognizes them from Weather on the 1’s. As a new speaker would take the stage, he’d ask “is that the President”. Of course when Bill was being announced, my kid announced he had to use the bathroom, so off we went. The volunteers were wonderful, they made sure we made it to the restrooms and back to our seats without any problems.

It was an amazing experience. Here are a few photos I was able to capture.

My pal Jackie (aka MomJovi) and her family also made it, you can check out her post and photos here.

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6 Thoughts to “Bill Clinton Rally In Orlando”

  1. Hey!

    If you want, you can get a tour of the News 13 station. I bet your little boy would love it, and they love kids!

    But don’t take my word for it. 😉

    (Lee Allport’s friend from News 13)

  2. Hi Christie, he would be in heaven touring channel 13! LOL! He insisted we stop for a photo in front of the van parked outside the Rosen last night! It was the highlight of the night for him. 🙂 There were tons of vans, but it HAD to be channel 13!

  3. Wasn’t it great how many other children were there? I don’t know if you were able to tell from your seats, but in the back of the room, there were tons of small ones there. They may not remember the specifics but I hope they all remember a bit of the feeling and excitement.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and most importantly, for your investigative journalism that allowed us to get over there and get tickets, too!

  4. Free tickets… I’m not sure that I’d wait 3 hours but I’d definitely go!

  5. What a wonderful opportunity! I’m glad you had a chance to share that with your son. In this country, we tend to get so caught up in fighting over which party is the “right” one, that we forget to appreciate the fact that we have the right to openly support whomever we choose.

  6. We were ecstatic to share the opportunity with our little guy. He’s old enough to remember he went, but will only think about the ipad games he played. 🙂 But seeing a former president speak was amazing.

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