Wordless Wednesday: Lake Eola Fun

After swim lessons, we hit Lake Eola park for a laid back day. Summer is quickly coming to an end, so we are trying to soak in as much fun as possible.

After playing at the playground, we grabbed a snow cone!

Then, we fed the beautiful swans.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a stroll around the lake and stopped when a friendly squirrel said hello.

He was a bit too friendly…

And my son had no fear.

We even saw a fight break out between two ducks and a dog. It was hysterical, these ducks were tough! After a few bites in the face, the dog quickly backed off.

Lastly, we hit our local library for some reading fun (and air conditioning). It was a perfect day!

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4 Thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday: Lake Eola Fun”

  1. Shannon R

    What a fun day, my son would love all that stuff too. I think all ducks are aggressive, the last photo is hilarious

  2. I love the duck in the last picture!!

    Looks like a pretty nice afternoon!

  3. Jessica Beard

    Sounds like a great day! The park and lake look really pretty.

  4. It was a perfect day. Lake Eola is like a hidden gem in downtown Orlando, it’s not a huge tourist attraction but a lovely place to enjoy a day with family. I’ll take it over Disney any day! 😉

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