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6 Thoughts to “Wordless Wednesday: Swim Lessons”

  1. I think that I need to get lessons for Andrew…. that kid has zero fear of the water! He’ll go running in no matter what!

  2. So great. I am not sure when we will do Braedens. He is already kicking and going under water and scaling the wall without them LOL

  3. Jessica Beard

    These are great pictures! We are thinking about starting my 18 month old with swim lessons too. It is never too early to get them used to the water.

  4. Shannon R

    It looks like he is doing great. I should really enroll my son in swim lessons too, it is such an important skill

  5. I have been wanting to put my kids into swimming lessons for the longest time, but so far I have been attempting to do it myself (and failing miserably). It looks like your son had a blast.

  6. Swim lessons were worth every penny. In two weeks, he became confident and learned life saving skills. He was sad when lessons ended, so next year we’ll most likely sign up for a refresher course. For the record, the downtown YMCA instructors (Megan and Amelia) were amazing!

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