An Attempt To Bat-tle Mosquitoes

I have a beautiful backyard, but the mosquitoes (aka Florida state bird) are making it nearly impossible to enjoy. I’ve lived in Florida for 11+ years and it has never been this bad! I’m guessing the mild winter and all the rain are reasons.

I first heard about bat boxes from my son’s pediatrician. Did you know a single brown bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour? I had no clue! I thought bats were these scary little creatures, but now I think they can quickly become my friend!

Anyway, the National Wildlife Federation contains great information about how to build a bat box, necessary tools, placement, etc. If you’re curious, you can access that information here.

I also found this helpful site, it discusses the importance of bats for our ecosystem and why bat boxes are important.


So, before I tackle this project (ok, let’s be honest…before I purchase one) does anyone have experience with bat boxes? Please share any tips, advice, etc!


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3 Thoughts to “An Attempt To Bat-tle Mosquitoes”

  1. eww….

    My only experience with bats is when I’ve gotten them in my house! And let me tell you.. it was more than once (they lived in my attic) and it was unjoyable!
    I’m afraid that if I were to get a bat box that they’d be closer to my house and get inside again!

  2. I have heard they are bad from more than one person but we have not had an issue! They must be staying on the north side of town. What about the candles etc. Good luck with this!!!

  3. I love that more bat boxes are sprouting up in the DIY world. My wife and I had bats in the attic of our CO home. While we loved having the bats around, having them in the attic meant that they were leaving droppings inside a living space, and we began to see dead bat bugs in the room directly beneath where they had entered.We consulted a bat expert in the area, who was also an exterminator. Once we clarified that we did not want the bats exterminated, just not living in our attic, he said that he could help us seal the space up and create a one way egress for them to leave but not be able to reenter. In order to keep the bats around, I built a bat box to sit at the peak of the eave and blend with the existing facia (our HOA has very strict rules about external appearance. I decided I’d make the box blend in and not tell anyone. Probably better to discuss it with your HOA first. In the end, it turned out ok once they found out about it, but YMMV), and had to paint it to acheive this. While bats may have sensitive noses, they also want a warm place to roost. If you feel the need to paint your bat box, take it from me, it will likely turn out to still be a welcoming place. Mind, though, it may take longer for them to decide to live there.

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