She Is NOT A Girl Dog Mommy

The other day, my kid heard me call my dog “princess” and he quickly exclaimed “Bailey is a boy and NOT a princess mommy“. So that opened up the following discussion.

Me: “Bailey is a girl dog honey, so she IS my princess.”

Kid: “No mommy, she is a MudBud and NOT a RoseBud.” ..he’s referring to the adorable golden retriever puppies on the Buddies movies.

Me: “Sorry buddy, but Bailey IS a girl. Do you think her name is a boy name?”

Kid (hysterical at this point): “Yes, Bailey is a boy. She is MudBud mommy”.

At that moment, it all made sense about a recent shopping trip to PetSmart! I tried to grab Bailey a pink monkey toy and the kid INSISTED on a yellow one. He also wanted her to have a blue or orange bandana and NOT a purple one. Hmmm, I should have caught on then!

I told him it didn’t matter if she is a girl or a boy, it doesn’t change the fact that he loves her and vice versa. She loves playing ball, running with him, and rolling in dirt (I guess that’s why he thinks she’s MudBud).

His little heart was clearly hurting, he wouldn’t even say the words “Bailey is a girl” instead he sobbed. He exclaimed he wanted a boy dog and NOT a girl. I was going to tell him technically she’s an “IT” but figured that would be way too confusing.

A week later, he still asks “why is Bailey a girl dog mommy?“.


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3 Thoughts to “She Is NOT A Girl Dog Mommy”

  1. Michele

    That’s cute, but I wonder why it’s so important to Cameron if she is not a male dog?

  2. Well… the dog in the picture does look a lot like Bailey… then again who knows if that puppy is a boy or girl!

  3. Ok I love it so much! He is like every little boy thinking his best buddy is another boy. I have a feeling at night he is whispering No Mommy he is a boy still no matter what you say. And to compare her to Mudbud that is just one smart cookie! Too funny he never knew and I would have never picked up on it with the toys either I would thought it was B’s preference LOL

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