Tips For Selling On eBay From The Unemployed Mom

I recently had an eBay Q&A session with Melanie at Modern Mami.

Melanie had some terrific questions!  If you are new to eBay or looking for tips to make your eBay selling experience more successful, I highly recommend you check out our interview.

Don’t jump into eBay blindly, there are resources available to make your experience more pleasant. As always, if you have a specific eBay question, contact me!

Also, keep an eye on my “eBay Tips” section to see if your question or concern has already been addressed.



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2 Thoughts to “Tips For Selling On eBay From The Unemployed Mom”

  1. Christy

    I am not able to access this page. It says I am not allowed. Do you know why? I am interested in this interview. Thanks, Christy

  2. Hi Christy, it appears Modern Mami’s site is down right now. Hopefully it will be back up soon so you can see the tips. 🙂 Thanks!

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