Even The Dog Loves Angry Birds

My son picked out a toy for our golden retriever. He helped wrap it in tissue paper and then placed it under our Christmas tree.

The next morning, he came running into the kitchen announcing “the bird hatched mommy”. He was holding Bailey’s Christmas gift with the biggest smile on his face.

But she loves it, even though she didn’t get to open it herself (which she loves to do).

It is official, our ENTIRE family LOVES Angry Birds!



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2 Thoughts to “Even The Dog Loves Angry Birds”

  1. I love this! Although I want to know how she was trained to open presents!

  2. She loves presents. We have wrapped them in tissue paper ever since she was a pup. She learned very quickly that tissue paper contains VERY good stuff and all she has to do is grab it with her teeth and shake it (and pounce on it)! 🙂 I have video every year of her opening her gifts, it’s awesome. About 2 years ago, my kid was really slow at opening his presents and we kept saying “watch Bailey, she knows how to do it”!

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