He Wants To Go To LEGOLAND…

If you live in or near Orlando, then you probably already know that LEGOLAND has opened. The other week, my son watched a special LEGOLAND grand opening tv segment and was beyond excited. He kept saying “I have that guy” and “look mommy, wow”. He grabbed his shoes and announced he was going to LEGOLAND!

Fast forward to today…

This morning when he woke, I asked if he was ready to go to Disney World. He was very excited and said “yes yes yes”. When I asked which park he’d like to visit, without hesitation he yelled “LEGOLAND”.

The child is clearly confused!

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3 Thoughts to “He Wants To Go To LEGOLAND…”

  1. Janet W.

    I had daughters, but I’m sure my grandson would LOVE to go to Legoland! It’s a boy’s dream come true!

  2. LOL I just moved from the Winter Haven 7 months ago an am so happy there will be a boost for that area! They really need it. Hubby and I both worked at Disney Word, too. I had a boring job but he was a Boat Captain there for 3 years. Love hearing kids being excited about going!

  3. Tara

    That is too funny! We need to go at some point but I am not sure when it is just so easy to run to Disney!

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