Craigslist Scam Exposed: Bank Certified Check

by on 08/07/11 at 4:12 pm

Here’s another Craiglist scam, this time from John Bruce with the email address

This person did not email me first to ask if the item is available, instead just sent this message (see below).

Okay good am happy you still have it and am sorry for getting back to you late am out of  town for some weeks.i will want you to know i am ready to purchase and mail the payment to you asap because i am getting it for a cousin of mine as a gift and it would really be appreciated but i will not be able to come around and check because of my shedule.if you can sell to me i will mail out a bank certified check to you which will include in it the shipping cost to my cousin’s.If this is accepted by you please get back to me with the name to be on the check and the mailing address for the courier.

Once more like i stated my shipper/mover would handle the pick up and delivery so it doesn’t stress you after you’ve cashed the payment deduct and send the remaining funds to there accountant. I really need this, quite important and urgent. I will be more than glad if it can be sold to me.

Email me back with the full name, address,the actual last price of the item so that there wont be any confusion and your phone number for the check, write back soon so that the check can be mail out this week and i will implore you to take it off craigslist immediately. Thank you

Don’t even waste your time thinking this could be real, this scammer is phishing for your personal information. The broken English alone should be the first clue that this is not legit. Do not respond, instead report it here.

Here are additional Craigslist scams I have shared. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these and don’t fall for them.

Also, check out my tips for being safe on Craigslist!


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115 Responses to “Craigslist Scam Exposed: Bank Certified Check”

  1. Mike

    Jul 8th, 2014

    I’m certainly being scammed. The check is on it’s way. The name of the guys are June Bell and Mr. Bell. John I think.

    Want me to use money gram and western union. I had offered house cleaning and they send like 2450, didn’t really know anything. Did my research, now I’m here. I’m just going to burn that check lol.

  2. Andy

    Jul 12th, 2014

    I have received a similar scammer with a repetitive name being used (previously on CL) to try and get my personal information for furniture that I am selling on Polk Bookoo. Here is the number, name used texting me, and the information in the texts. Enjoy.

    Maureen Grugel

    Out of the states on business, claimed to live in South Carolina, and would pay with a certified cashiers check.

    Requested names, home or office address (no PO Box), and final price.

    These scammers are trying to get our personal information on probably almost every site that we have our adds on, so beware.


  3. Nancy B

    Jul 13th, 2014

    My ” certified ” check came from Sennigers PowerLLC, in St Louis , MO on Commerce Bank in Kansas City, MO. I actually deposited it, but the bank held it and when I called to explain why I needed it released they looked at the check closer and then determined that it was fraud. They saved me from an $1800. scam! I have learned my lesson! Everything I have read above is exactly what I was told.

  4. Joseph Gamble

    Jul 29th, 2014

    I was scammed too. The number is a 7409941255. I will just send it back to them.

  5. pat

    Sep 29th, 2014

    Red flags went up went I got two requests with the certified check. Their are “names” are Laura Hill and a last name is Leonard, they are scamming people on Craigslist in Roundrock, TX . Shame on them, just glad I nipped it in the bud.

  6. Kevin

    Oct 9th, 2014

    Same scam! Certified check to pay for a chair I’m selling.
    “Send me an e-mail with the photo.”
    “Send me your name and address”
    It came by text from (914) 653-2411
    He said his name was Ralph Randolph and he was serving in Iraq.

  7. Jenn

    Oct 11th, 2014

    I listed water filters on craiglists. This person txt me asking me to email her. cell number is 210-551-0854 and email was

    Email message I got was: Thanks for the prompt response to text. I will be buying this from
    you, kindly withdraw the advert from C.LIST and considered it sold.
    My husband will be overnight the payment asap but he will be paying
    with a certified check from his Bank and it will deliver to you via
    United Parcel Service (UPS), so I’ll need you to provide me with the
    following information to facilitate the mailing of the check… And am
    offering additional $50 with the original price to have this asap.

    Name to be on the payment………..
    Address to mail the check to………….
    Final Asking price……………….
    Cell phone # to contact you …………….

    I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your
    check clear, due to my work frame and my Kids, I will not be able to
    come with the cash and pick it up myself , so my husband will mail the
    check and have someone pick up the item after the check clear.,
    Reference to your CL post am completely satisfied with it and the
    payment will be deliver within 24hours.. God Bless

    Best Regards

    I only did send back the information asked. They responded with: got the Details to mail the check and the payment will be sent out asap and get back to you when it is mailed, Please keep the other buyer off and the item will be pick up from you after you have the payment.

    Well, thinking this is a scam. I did some searching. Yep, So I email them back to tell them that if I get a check. I was not going to cash it and turn it over to the police.

    I really don’t know how people can be this way.

  8. michael

    Oct 15th, 2014

    I think i just got scammed… and i always thought i was a pretty savvy guy??
    This guy was from California trying to purchase a Kindle from Ohio? he even call me from the number listed on Craigs List and had me convinced that he want to send me a cashiers check for the Kindle and would be in my area on business in a few weeks and would pick it up then. I gave him my address (stupid me) but later started to think about it and it dawned on me that, Hey aren’t there people in LA selling used Kindles? So this morning i sent him an e-mail killing the deal.
    My question and what i still don’t understand is… if someone sends you a cashiers check and you put it in the bank and it’s found to be fake… and you haven’t turned over the product or services yet, then who cares? You still have the item and what you lost was some time and maybe gained a little aggravation.. right? i mean you gave up your mailing address but they can get that from a phone book or on Google.
    I’m not trying to down play the scam but i don’t get it… what does the scammer gain by sending you a bad check if you haven’t sent the product?

  9. The Unemployed Mom

    Oct 15th, 2014

    Hi Michael, I’d say take the check to your bank and see what happens. If you still have the product, then you aren’t losing anything. Like you mentioned, your information is out there already (phone books, internet, etc.). Good luck! Let us know what happens!

  10. Faith

    Oct 17th, 2014

    This is the message that I got from this scammer. I guess she felt the need to add God Bless and Praise The Lord because my name is Faith

    I just contact the USPS now and they said you should be getting the check today, latest tomorrow morning but Like I said my husband sent the check to you including the (freight and hand ling’s fees) to pick up the item from you and some other items around your location

    You are to get the check, have it deposited into your Account or through ATM asap. Deduct your $600 as agreed for yourself and have the rest balance send via Western Union Minutes Transfer as requested by the mover so that they can contact you for the pick up arrangement and then be at your location to pick up the item from you .

    You can locate any Western Union location around you and have the rest balance transfer to the below mover agent information via Western Union Minutes Transfer: Deduct the minutes transfer fees from the rest money you are sending to the mover

    Receiver’s Name: Donadje Prefiero
    Address: 619 E Webster St
    City: Shamokin
    State: PA 17872

    Please do take care of everything asap so that the mover can contact you for the pick up arrangement . And as soon as you are done with the transfer, You will be given a receipt so get back to me with the MTCN #, Sender name and the Exact Amount transfer after deducting the minutes transfer fees from the rest money you are sending to Donadje Prefiero.
    Thanks and God bless

  11. claudia

    Oct 21st, 2014

    Yup. I just posted a high-priced item on Craig’s List. Here’s what they said (they must all follow a script) “I’m very much interested in the item and I will appreciate if you can hold it on my behalf. I will make an arrangement for the shipping myself and the Mode of Payment will be made through a Bank Cashier’s check due to security measures. To make a fair deal, you gonna receive your money for the item before the shipment will be schedule by me. . So if my terms and mode of payment is accepted by you I will want you to get back to me with your full mailing information so that the payment for the item can be issued out to you as soon as possible. I m OK with your price that really okay by me just get back with your full name…..address… code??

    I responded: “Is this a scam? We can do paypay too.

    Their response: “Stop that statement why do you have to call scam if you willing to sale just let me know I m a man of God and God fearing ok

    My response: Thank you but I only deal with local clientele.

    The phone number that showed up on my phone for these texts was 406.686.7700.

  12. Mark

    Oct 22nd, 2014

    Yea I got one today, never mentioned what she was buying. Emergency flying to Missouri. Find her bank branch and send me a Certified Check. It sounded way to fishy,glad I double checked and looked here. The e-mail their using is and was going by the name Jessica in capitals with hearts around the name. Just thought I would let you all know.

  13. Stella

    Oct 23rd, 2014

    I recently started a cleaning business was trying to find clients, decided even after horror stories I decided to look around Craigslist . Answered add to Celeste Waid who claims they were in need of a housekeeper for Ann arbor Michigan where they were being transferred to they worked for united nations. So after back and forth emails I was mailed a check larger than we emailed about. I emailed her said “seems odd and not legit” she then tried to make me feel guilty saying the bank sent a double payment on top of payment for me to give movers and that if I can’t do it to mail the check back. Why wouldn’t she just question me and not trust me and cancel payment. I’m taking it to my bank just to bring it to light. I appreciate everyone sharing their stories

  14. tammy svajdkenja

    Oct 27th, 2014

    hey Stella on October 24th I just got scam to buy the celeste waid say that they were looking for somebody to clean a house in Grand Island Nebraska I will not contact them ever again do I need to contact the police to say that I’ve been scammed or what I need some help I haven’t got any mint money transfers yet I haven’t sent anything to them although they were asking me was to clean their house two weeks prior before they got here by all cleaning products in a vacuum cleaner

  15. Stella

    Oct 28th, 2014

    Geez after this I am done with craigslist. I answered an ad for a personal assistant I was directed to an individual that said his name was “NIcholas Ray” with email” Needless to say I posted the other one here in hopes to prevent others from being scammed. My faith in humanity is wavering. Mr. Ray used the idea of orphanages and the reason he needed an assistant is his moved to Canada after being married. Well and as many will say “I never do hiring like this” it is all a bunch of bull and as soon as someone says that first “red flag”. I hope this helps

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