Warning: Tomato Monster On The Loose

Last year I shared with you the creepy tomato worm that ate my entire tomato plant. He looked like this.

Well, today I walked outside to find two of my cherry tomato plants completely stripped of tomatoes! There were at least a dozen orange ones missing, the ones almost ripe enough to pick. The monster actually left behind the green ones after biting into them and realizing they didn’t taste so good! The evidence was all over my deck!

Who do you think this tomato monster is? I’ll give you a clue, she is very furry! Be on the look out for this monster!

And here is her mug shot!

Take note of what she looks like and if you see her near your tomato plants, offer her a tennis ball instead!

We have learned a valuable lesson through this ordeal, do NOT under any circumstance feed your dog imperfect tomatoes that you are going to toss off your plants. Your dog will think your container garden is a buffet!

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7 Thoughts to “Warning: Tomato Monster On The Loose”

  1. Jennifer Lizotte

    OMG! I have one of those in my back yard too.. and she also eats the tomatoes off my my plant. The only difference is I find the green, unripe ones in my pool.

  2. That is to funny!!! I seriously thought that it was the tomato worms!

  3. LOL about finding them in your pool! I had to laugh, I mean I am the one who offerred her one. Obviously, she liked it a bit too much.

  4. Can’t blame the worm this time. Just this week, Bailey (our Golden) realized the tomatoes taste good. I would have blamed my son, except I knew he wasn’t outside this morning. Then, the dog rolled over on her back as if to say “I surrender”.

  5. TOO FUNNY! First off I am so jealous you garden! And second I thought it was going to be the worm. She was hungry 🙂 and definitely enjoyed them it sounds. I really wonder if our dogs would eat them being I would love to garden. hmmmmm

  6. We spend a small fortune on fresh produce, so we decided to make a container garden. It’s so much fun, a great stress reliever! Now, I need to protect it from my dog! LOL!

  7. That’s funny!! I had those same worms on my plants last year. I had to look them up and found out they’re called hornworms. I had to search them out and pluck them off one by one.

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